How to Find the Right Brake Service

It is okay to be picky about who you choose for brake service. After all, it is important to have one’s brakes properly serviced. One’s personal safety and the lives of others are at stake. You can tell if your brakes are bad if you hear screeching when stopping, your vehicle pulls to the left or right when braking, there is brake fluid on the ground, or the pedal feels mushy when stopping. When choosing a brake service, ask yourself the following questions.
1. Are the technicians certified and experienced?
2. Does the service shop look professional? ...
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4 Tips for Traveling with Pets

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​Traveling with pets can be tricky sometimes. Some pets love to hit the road, while others despise it. While it's hard to say how your pet will react, there are some tips that you can use if your future includes a road trip with your furry family members.

Be sure to prepare them for the journey. Allow them to get familiar with whatever mode of transportation that you are going to use for the trip. Leave their carrier crate out for a few weeks so that your pets can smell it, and cats can mark it with their fur…
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Is Buying or Leasing a Car More Affordable to You?

When you are looking to get into a new car, you know that you need to find a way of doing that without overspending. You know that you need to figure out a way of getting into a car that fits your budget and all that you are prepared to spend. You must decide between buying and leasing when it comes to your budget.

You might want to consider leasing a car if you are looking for a lower monthly payment option. Making a payment on a car that you have purchased is going to be pricier than paying a…
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Don't Be Caught With Dead Battery

You don't want to be caught with a dead battery. It's unpredictable. It can happen at the worst of times. You can only imagine being stranded with a dead battery. It's not a pretty picture.

Batteries eventually go dead. There are warning signs. Horns don't honk as loud as they once did. Electronics within the car may flash. A car may not start regularly. These are all bad signs. It might be time to get your battery checked.

A bad battery happens to the best of us. That's what all batteries do. With regular maintenance…
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Ambitious Styling in Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept

Conceptualizing the Future

Mitsubishi Motor's e-Evolution Concept is going to help bring the brand to where it can embrace the future fully.

A Vehicle for Future

The Concept will make use of Mitsubishi Motor's 4WD system, a signature of the brand, and electric powertrain technology, and ambitious advanced artificial intelligence integration.

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