What's the Purpose of Your Brake Fluid?

We’ve all watched crime shows on TV where someone’s brake lines are cut and they crash. If that shows us anything, it’s that we need brake fluid to be in our brakes if we expect our vehicle to stop. If you need additional information on brakes or brake maintenance, stop by the Avondale Mitsubishi service center and speak with our trained staff.

Brake fluid is such a simple and inexpensive item, yet so important to the functioning of your vehicle. 

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Common Signs That You Need New Tires

If you are driving a vehicle and the tire pressure indicator light keeps flashing a warning, don't just assume things are going to be fine. These are a couple issues you will be dealing with on the road.

If the pressure in a vehicle tire is low, then what is happening is more of the outside of the tread is in contact with the road. That is not the thickest part of the tread and will burn away faster as friction is increased. 

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Know the Signs of a Failing Starter

Not many things are more frustrating than when your car won't start. Sometimes the problem is simple, like a dead battery. Other times it's something more serious, like the vehicle's starter. The starter is an important part of a vehicle's ignition system, and it's necessary to start your car.

If you know the warning signs of a failing starter, you can remedy the problem before you end up stranded. Always be aware of unusual sounds originating under your hood. A grinding or whining noise could mean your starter is malfunctioning. A clicking sound could also…

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Should You Choose a FWD or RWD Vehicle?

When choosing a new car, you'll have to decide if you want a rear-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive vehicle. At Avondale Mitsubishi, we want you to make an informed decision when choosing a car that suits your needs.

In front-wheel-drive cars, power from the engine is delivered to the front wheels. The weight in the nose of the car gives it better traction. Front-wheel-drive cars tend to be nose-heavy, giving them worse handling. Because of the split axle, hitting a curb is more likely to damage the front-wheel-drive system.

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Three Signs it's Time for Exhaust Service

No one likes it when their vehicle is making strange sounds or vibrations. If the sound that you hear is a hissing or popping sound or you're feeling vibrations in the steering wheel, foot pedals, or seat and you've never felt them before, then you really have a reason to not like those extra sounds and vibrations. You see, vibrations and some sounds can mean that you have an exhaust system leak.

An exhaust system leak can mean that dangerous fumes are entering the cabin of your vehicle, causing you and your passengers to breathe toxic fumes. 

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Easy Ways to Check a Car Battery

In order to test a car battery, a motorist must have proper tools that are designed to measure electrical energy levels. One of the most convenient gadgets that can simplify the testing process is a voltmeter. If you visit a local hardware store, you'll find this device in different configurations, and each design option will provide unique benefits during various maintenance routines.

A digital voltmeter is the best tool to use during a car battery maintenance routine because it displays information that's easier to examine. 

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Keep Cool and Steady With Radiator Service

If the temperature in an engine rises too high, crucial parts of the engine can become damaged. Your vehicle’s cooling system and radiator are designed to keep your engine at the proper temperature.

As the engine burns fuel, it produces heat which needs to be removed. The cooling system sends coolant through the engine, pulling the heat away and bringing it to the radiator. The radiator transfers the heat to the surrounding air. If heat isn’t being removed properly from the engine, expensive components like the head gaskets can become badly damaged and the engine can fail. 

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All About Transmission Service

If you're looking for transmission service in Avondale, we would be happy to help! Our team of mechanics is experienced working with both manual and automatic transmissions. Whether you need a fluid change or a more in-depth diagnostic, we're here for you at Avondale Mitsubishi.

Your transmission is, in some ways, the heart of your car. It regulates the supply of power generated by the engine to the drive wheels. If your transmission isn't functioning properly, you may experience grinding or shaking, or even a burning smell while you drive. 

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Make Your View Brighter With Wiper Fluid

When it comes to checking your car for safety, most people will check their brakes, their belts, and their tires. Many Avondale, AZ commuters may be unaware that they should check their windshield wiper fluid level as well. This is important because this fluid is used to clean off your windshield while driving.

If your windshield suddenly becomes covered in road salt or insects, that makes the windshield hard to see out of at a safe and desirable manner. Windshield wiper fluid can, in conjunction with the windshield wipers of your vehicle, safely and effectively remove the haze. 

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Take Care of Your Tires

Tires need to be taken care of year-round if you want to drive around Avondale, Arizona and beyond in your Mitsubishi. You always need to make sure that they are balanced and that they have plenty of tread. Also ensure that your tires do not have any cracks or tears in them.

It is very important to make sure that tires are always ready to take on the elements that are thrown before them. 

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