Get Your Holiday Food to its Destination Safely and Intact

The holidays usually mean that you and your family members will be enjoying lots of rich and decadent foods. So, you'll probably be traveling to the homes of loved ones with food in tow. Here are some tips from Avondale Mitsubishi that will help you get holiday treats to the right destination without staining your car.

Use containers made from sturdy materials and lids that will lock securely. This way, your food will stay in the dishes even if you have to brake suddenly or make sharp turns. You can also place a large blanket on the floor of the car to catch spills. Placing large rubber bands around the bowls will also keep the container secure so that sauces and gravies won't get into the seat or floors of your car. It's also best to ask a friend or family member to sit in the back seat during your trip to catch spills before they happen. Happy holidays!

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