How to Find the Right Brake Service

It is okay to be picky about who you choose for brake service. After all, it is important to have one’s brakes properly serviced. One’s personal safety and the lives of others are at stake. You can tell if your brakes are bad if you hear screeching when stopping, your vehicle pulls to the left or right when braking, there is brake fluid on the ground, or the pedal feels mushy when stopping. When choosing a brake service, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Are the technicians certified and experienced?
2. Does the service shop look professional? It does not have to look spotless, but everything and everyone should look in place.
3. Does the level of customer service meet your needs?
4. Are there any known complaints against the service shop?
5. Does the shop offer free quotes before starting repairs? Will the shop return old parts after repairs are completed?

If in need of brake service, we encourage you to call our dealership service center today and set an appointment for us to inspect your brakes.

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