4 Tips for Traveling with Pets

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​Traveling with pets can be tricky sometimes. Some pets love to hit the road, while others despise it. While it's hard to say how your pet will react, there are some tips that you can use if your future includes a road trip with your furry family members.

Be sure to prepare them for the journey. Allow them to get familiar with whatever mode of transportation that you are going to use for the trip. Leave their carrier crate out for a few weeks so that your pets can smell it, and cats can mark it with their fur through the contact. Take short trips in the car to get them accustomed to traveling.

Have some things for the trip that they love, so they learn that traveling is a positive experience. Here are some ideas.
- Prepare a treat for the ride that only comes out in the car.
- Place a familiar blanket in the spot in the car.
- Don't act like it's scary. Act like it's no big deal and fun.
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