Ambitious Styling in Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept

Mitsubishi Motors is changing things up this year at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show with an ambitious concept vehicle. Not moving away from the commitment to safety and durability that the Mitsubishi has been building into their vehicles but to help grow into their new era of growth and development.

Conceptualizing the Future

The vehicle debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show is the new Mitsubishi Motor's e-Evolution Concept that is going to help bring the brand to where it can embrace the future fully. This new flagship concept will be a milestone event that Mitsubishi says will "usher a new era of long-term growth and sustainable development".

A Vehicle for Future

The e-Evolution Concept will make use of Mitsubishi Motor's 4WD system, a signature of the brand, and electric powertrain technology, and ambitious advanced artificial intelligence integration. Technology and style meet in the coupe shaped SUV as we can see. Be on the lookout for the release of the e-Evolution Concept at the end of October at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show.

While we anxiously await the next innovations of the Mitsubishi teams, you can still enjoy the a drive in a new Mitsubishi when you schedule a test drive at our Avondale, AZ location.

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