Know the Signs of a Failing Starter

Not many things are more frustrating than when your car won't start. Sometimes the problem is simple, like a dead battery. Other times it's something more serious, like the vehicle's starter. The starter is an important part of a vehicle's ignition system, and it's necessary to start your car.

If you know the warning signs of a failing starter, you can remedy the problem before you end up stranded. Always be aware of unusual sounds originating under your hood. A grinding or whining noise could mean your starter is malfunctioning. A clicking sound could also be problematic.

Visible smoke or an acrid, burning smell could also signal that your starter is failing. A surge of power could have overloaded the starter. If you see smoke, stop driving immediately. The experienced technicians at the Avondale Mitsubishi service center are available for all of your automotive needs. Call for an appointment or stop by our Avondale, AZ location today.

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