What's the Purpose of Your Brake Fluid?

We’ve all watched crime shows on TV where someone’s brake lines are cut and they crash. If that shows us anything, it’s that we need brake fluid to be in our brakes if we expect our vehicle to stop. If you need additional information on brakes or brake maintenance, stop by the Avondale Mitsubishi service center and speak with our trained staff.

Brake fluid is such a simple and inexpensive item, yet so important to the functioning of your vehicle. When you're driving, the brake fluid just sits there in the lines. When you touch the brake pedal, it compresses a piston, which activates the caliper, which sends the fluid through the lines and to the brake pedal.

You don’t need to wait until you have brake problems to visit us. We’re happy to check your vehicle or set you up with scheduled visits so you don’t have to worry about it. Stop at our Avondale, Arizona shop or call for an appointment today.

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