Common Signs That You Need New Tires

If you are driving a vehicle and the tire pressure indicator light keeps flashing a warning, don't just assume things are going to be fine. These are a couple issues you will be dealing with on the road.

If the pressure in a vehicle tire is low, then what is happening is more of the outside of the tread is in contact with the road. That is not the thickest part of the tread and will burn away faster as friction is increased. When too much air pressure is in the car tires, now your vehicle is basically balancing on the middle of the tire. This wears the middle of the tire extremely fast and it also makes it a challenge to keep safely in the lane when the road surface gets slick because you have less tread on the roads.

Never ignore trouble with your tires. Simply visit the Mitsubishi parts and repair shop in Avondale, AZ so we can inspect each tire tread.

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